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Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Sonder, at its very definition, is the realization that every random passerby, every stranger, every oddball on the bus has a life and a story as complex and vivid as one's own. What better way to see this made plain than the powerful visual storytelling powers of film:

Sarah Gavron's Rocks reveals the story of a group of tough and streetwise school girls from inner city London, following the central character's struggle as she suddenly finds herself navigating life without a mother.

Greta Gerwig's Little Women teaches us that even a seemingly precocious and spoilt young girl has struggles and complexities to match that of her writerly and intelligent older sister.

Melina Matsouka's Queen and Slim shows the vulnerability that can lie behind a young woman's tough exterior.

What is the commonality between all of these powerful films illustrating perfectly our favourite word?

That's right, they were ALL created by female filmmakers. Which brings us beautifully onto....(drum rolls, symbols etc.)

The HER International Film Festival is the only festival of its kind in Ireland with the express aim of providing a platform for the work of young female and female identifying filmmakers. Not only that, it is an entirely youth led festival with all of its voluntary team falling under the age of 26. Pretty impressive, right? The festival is now in earnest preparations for its second year, taking place between the 25th to the 31st of October. If this festival tickles you with delight and you feel you may fit the bill with a film of your own in mind then these dates are to be remembered: August 9th is the late deadline and August 29th is the extended deadline (further information can be found via film freeway https://filmfreeway.com/YoungWomenInFilm ).

SONDER is excited to collaborate with the festival this year: when the time comes, be sure to read some thought provoking analysis and reviews of its featured films here, written as always by talented young critics and writers.

Before all that however, get your HERIFF hunger satiated by checking out its dedicated and utterly engaging blog of the same name. This blog hosts articles written by members of the team on their experience, post hoc spotlight reviews of last year's festival winners and well thought-out 'specials' on all things film. It is a must read for film lovers, especially those that subscribe to the thesis that it's high time for equality, diversity and representation in the film industry. After all 'sonder', right?

Find the blog here: https://herinternationalfilmfestival.wordpress.com/blog/

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